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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc

    I still don't understand why that would advised having dual booted now since XP with 98SE over 10yrs. plus even seeing a one time dual boot with 95 and 98SE! To see each OS remain bootable on it's own which is highly recommended in case you decide on upgrading one or a drive problem comes up you still have the other to work with!

    When dual booting on one drive you might then have to repair the newer version's boot information when adding the older on last. That would be expected. But when having a dual boot across separate drives you can opt to simply use the F key option to bring up the boot device menu if you decide to leave each version isolated. You then simply have the boot device menu if you have that option available that is to come up where you select the drive with the version or OS on it you want to boot into.
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    I am also looking to dual boot Windows 10 & XP . However in my scenario I will be doing a clean install for both of the OSes for a PC build. And also they would be installed on separate discs. So i read some posts here that I should disconnect the HDDs while I am installing the OS.
    And which OS should I install first if it's a clean install, XP or 10? And what options do I need to configure in the motherboard? etc. Thanks
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    W7 Ultimate SP1 (64 bit), LM 18 MATE (64 bit), W10IP VM, W10 Home

    Quote Originally Posted by pablo239 View Post
    I am also looking to dual boot Windows 10 & XP . However in my scenario I will be doing a clean install for both of the OSes for a PC build. And also they would be installed on separate discs. So i read some posts here that I should disconnect the HDDs while I am installing the OS.
    And which OS should I install first if it's a clean install, XP or 10? And what options do I need to configure in the motherboard? etc. Thanks
    With W7, I never had any boot issues if I installed XP first and then W7.

    You should install XP before installing W10.

    You may have difficulties finding the correct AHCI driver for XP (I did).
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    Windows 7

    When dual booting it is best to install the older OS first. In some cases it doesn't matter but it certainly does here.

    When Windows 10 is installed first it will install it's own boot loader. When XP is later installed it will look for a bootloader it recognizes and find nothing. The Windows 10 bootloader is very different from and completely unknown to XP. The XP installer will do the only thing it can and replace the foreign bootloader with it's own. The Windows 10 files remain but unknown to the XP installer. The result is that XP boots fine but there is no option to boot Windows 10. This mess can be sorted out but it is best to avoid the situation.

    When XP is installed first it will install it's own bootloader. When Windows 10 is later installed it sees the old XP bootloader which it fully understands. The XP bootloader is incompatible with Windows 10 but the Windows 10 bootloader is compatible with XP. Windows 10 then replaces the XP bootloader with it's own and makes the necessary entries for XP. The result, both operating systems are available for use.
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    Multiboot system-#1(WinXP-Sp3-X86)#2(Win7-SP1-X64)#3(Win10-X64)

    Hello Martinlest
    I have had what you are planning for some time
    I have WinXP SP3 X86 first 2 partitions - one partition for XP os and first boot manager. and a second for XP Games and programs.
    This was necessary as the following OS, Windows 7 SP1 X64, boot manager disables the ability to "see" the windows XP install partition where the XP boot manager is situated. So I had a second partition that was virtually the "Windows Explorer type special folder" commonly named "Program Files" . except in this case the VOLUME was named "WinXP Program Files" This allowed me to migrate settings and 32 bit programs at ease to other following operating systems regardless of the Win7 Boot Manager's environment requirement.
    Then I installed Windows 7 on the larger third partition.
    At this stage (about 2012) I also had a fourth partition that had 64bit programs, a compressed software archive of ALL my software I had bought for decades and a Games Folder for Win 7 or Non XP Compatible software,
    When the upgrade to Windows 10 "Nagware" first appeared on Win 7, a while back I started researching the clean install possibilities of the MS "free" upgrade.
    I found out that it was a legal and deliberately time consuming choice to get to where I wanted, but undeterred I went through tje upgrade processs, explored the new hybrid upgrade, and as I have always find in comparison to a "clean" install something or many things that I would not prefer... I decided to stick with the main plan and after a few weeks (to make sure the digital registration was not in a Microsoft revenge cloud somewhere not accessable if I restored windows 7), I reversed the upgrade and with a little reading and a small app download was able to convert the Get Windows 10 Now file with the eml extension (from memory. not sure) .. well it is 4 gig approx and easily recognisable as the disguised clean Install ISO that Microsoft did not REALLY make common knowledge.
    It also has the unique machine code (whatever) that authenticates YOUR install and legal ownership-enduser rights .... in fact that file still resides in an archive, minus the Nagware on the system
    I made the installation dvd, compressed and archived the image for keeps and bought a Western Digital removable USB Hard drive that enabled me to move all the contents of the fourth partition, and then install Windows 10 "Logically" (ie in order of the partitions)
    The Windows 10 boot manager enables the win10 user to see all previous operating system drives and partitions, and create the modified boot screen with itself as the default and the winxp, win 7 alternatives;
    It's been smooth sailing since...... but having winXP with the X86 32 bit platform and XP dos environment has been surprisingly more essential than optional in hindsight, because the Application Compatibility Manager is available in 32 bit and 64 bit versions and with a bit of reading up and experimentation, makes ancient software live another life and I have heaps of ancient

    So Martin, my advice is go x86 xp first and you will be able to run ANY software for many years to come ... hey mate dont laugh!
    DOS is still powerful and behind the GUI you think is the latest in cyber tech.
    in fact it is so powerful that the big end of town is making it go away, except where they require it.

    The "Phasing Out" is a sublime "dumbing down" to rarify the non Corporate Hacker, No theory - its obvious what "the club" that we can never be in, want to do

    Last but not least, Win10 has gone another giant leap for wasting our time by having a more rigorous "permissions" regime and in some cases making it blatantly obvious that they "the creators" think we cant be trusted to open not SOME, but MANY folders in the operating system, THEY gave us for FREE, on the machines WE supposedly own and operate .... Geez ......The cheek of 'em!

    So google "NTFS Access", available FREE from ZULU Software and we will UNITED take back our FOLDERS....... EVEN RECURSIVELY

    BUT seriously!
    A seriously simple tool to access ANY FOLDER .

    AND regretably, Dos is nearly all gone on win 10, except for some bat and com scripts that will still bring out the comspec executor.

    Anyway that was my multi boot tale from the cyber crypt.

    And there is fact with a bit of fiction

    Are you awake now?

    Regards to all
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