Hello everyone,

I have a ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360UA, running Windows 10 Home Single Language (English). When I got this laptop, I installed a clean Windows (same version as mentioned). I have installed the latest drivers from ASUS website and updated Windows as well.

I have a problem with RIGHT-CLICK on precision touchpad.

First of all, I'm NOT talking about "2 finger tap for right click."
My problem is about "Press on the lower right corner of the touchpad to right-click."

Now, when I turn on Windows from a SHUTDOWN, everything works fine. But then, if I RESTART Windows or SIGN OUT and SIGN IN again, pressing on the lower right of the touchpad doesn't work. When I press, nothing happens.

To make it work again, I found a few steps. If I do one of the three things below, it starts working again until the next RESTART or SIGN OUT/IN.
1. SHUT DOWN Windows and turn on PC again.
2. Put Windows into SLEEP (by Start Menu -> Sleep or by closing the lid) and wake it up (by pressing power button or by opening the lid).
3. Open Device Manager window. Under "Human Interface Devices" section find "ASUS Precision Touchpad". Right-click on it and click "Disable" and then right-click on it (with an external USB mouse) and click "Enable".

So, whenever I RESTART or SIGN OUT/IN, I have to do one of the 3 steps above to fix my problem temporarily. I don't understand why it doesn't work after a RESTART or SIGN OUT/IN process.

Any ideas how to fix this problem properly?

I hope I was able to tell my problem clearly and sorry if the post is in the wrong section.