Hello all,

A customer of mine has recently purchased a new PC. I am in the process of copying her folders on her old PC to an external hard drive (500GB in size) so that they can be transferred to her new one.

The old PC is running Windows 10 and is currently using ~400GB of their 1TB hard drive. The new PC is running Windows 7 and has two 1TB hard drives in a RAID 1 configuration.

I attempted to copy over everything via the GUI (select, copy/paste) and that was going to take too long. A colleague discovered robocopy, so we used that. We used robocopy c:\{path} e:\{path} /S /COPYALL /r:0 /w:0. It worked for one portion of data which was around 20GB in size. We used the same command for another chunk of data that was around 80GB. However, we took a look at it later only to realize that it couldn't complete due to the external hard drive being maxed out. We had cleared everything our prior to starting this new process. I asked the customer if they had any backup process running to which they replied they did not. The thought was that it may be running a backup to our disk. Does anyone have any ideas on what may be happening and if so, what is a possible solution?

TL;DR: I'm trying to copy over ~80-100GB to an empty 500GB external hard drive. When copying it over, it maxes out the hard drive space for some unknown reason.