Hello, I am hoping that someone might have a solution to this issue. I am currently running the following hardware/software:
Dell T5810 Workstation
Fresh install of Windows 10 Pro 64bit
With a specific Group Policy for Non-Administrators in place

I have searched the forums for quite some time now, but I have not found anyone that is experiencing the exact same issue that I am. I am currently using a Group Policy that supports the following:
"Remove pinned programs list from Start Menu" = DISABLED
"Remove common program groups from Start Menu" = DISABLED
"Remove frequent programs list from the Start Menu" = ENABLED
"Remove Default Programs link from the Start Menu" = ENABLED
"Remove pinned programs from the Taskbar" = DISABLED

Basically, I can pin items correctly to the Start Menu under the user if I add them to the Administrators user group, but when I attempt to log them back in as a Non-Administrators user (I manually remove them from the Administrators user group), all of the icons show up at login temporarily, but then disappear while I am physically looking at them. This ONLY occurs under Non-Administrative users, which I have to have in place due to security reasons.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. If absolutely necessary, I do have a recorded video of this occurring.