Hello Everyone,

I have a Surface Pro 4, Windows 10 Pro, M3.

I am trying to get the universal ASIO driver ASIO4ALL to work on my SP Pro 4, it just won't. I have tried adjusting all the setting in ASIO4ALL, but it will not work. http://www.asio4all.com/

I'm using ASIO4ALL because I running Pianoteq Stage 5, it it helps with the lag between my digital piano and the SP Pro 4. Because the standard soundcard in the SP Pro4, is not an ASIO card.

I am getting a signal from the digital piano to the Pianoteq Stage 5 software, just no sound. If I select the standard windows driver in the Pioanoteq Stage 5, there is sound, but a lag between the piano and the SP Pro 4.

Any thoughts