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Hi! I'm having this same issue and I haven't found a solution. Still, would you care to try a few other things? They don't work for me, so I'm just curious if they work for you:

  • Left-click on the date and time in your task bar. Does this open the calendar?
  • Right-click on the icon in the tray (normally next to date and time) that looks like a square conversation baloon. It should open a menu "Open action center" and "Turn on quiet hours". Click on "Open action center". Does the action center open?
  • On your keyboard press the [WinButton]+I (hopefully you have the windows button). Click "Personalization" on the screen that opens up. On the left menu click "Start", then click "Use Start full screen" once. Select another option on the left menu (no matter which), then go back to "Start". Did the system remember the change you made to "Use Start full screen"? (Toggling this is often offered as a fix to these issues, so if your system remembers the change, restart your computer, then try to use the start menu. You can always switch back to the way you prefer your start menu by repeating the steps here.)
  • Right-click on any empty spot on your taskbar, then open "Search" submenu in the menu that pops up. Click "Show search icon". Does the search icon appear/disappear from your taskbar?
  • Click on the search icon when (and if) it's in the taskbar (see previous point). Does anything happen?

By the way, when you right-click on your start menu button, the menu that opens was always there, you just probably never used it. (I too found out about it only when I started having these troubles.)
I was having the same problem. Of the five steps you list I tried the third. By going to Full Screen ON and then back to OFF, The menu came up fine when I left clicked. Thanks!