Hi ,

I open Windows Event Viewer often (most days) to take a look for entries in the Windows 10 created Filter
Custom Views> ServerRoles> Administrative Events. (especially as my Win 10Pro (x64) is newly installed)What I wish to seek advice on is, how can I adjust my Desktop shortcut %windir%\system32\eventvwr.msc /s so that when I click on it Window Event Viewer will always open with Custom Views> ServerRoles> Administrative Events expanded (which I believe is a Windows filter). I did manage to work out how to open with "Windows Logs> Applications" but I am not able to use the same method with Administrative Events.

My clean install of Win 10 Pro (x64) Windows Event Viewer always opens with Event Viewer (Local) and I have to drill down the tree each time to view "Administrative Events"

I have searched the Web (without success) and also viewed eventvwr /? via cmd.exe but it is beyond my understanding in relation to what I wish to achieve.
I am hoping somebody can kindly advise me on what I need in my shortcut.

Many thanks