Hi -- I am looking for a good imaging program that will back up individual partitions in W10 -- including the boot partition. Preferably it's free but doesn't have to be.

I had previously tried Aomei Backupper with W8.1 but just had a lot of problems restoring from image backups. Essentially, using the Aomei image backups destroyed my ability to boot up and I wasted nearly two days looking for solutions on the web without success. It appears these current UEFI boot partitions are trickier to back up and restore than the older boot partitions in Windows. I have been using backup image programs for Windows for over 10 years, starting with True Image products and this is the first time I have had my system/bootup files messed up like this.

Perhaps there are some settings in Aomei I missed, but if so, then they are not very apparent.

I am upgrading to W10 on this same computer today and would like to take an early snapshot of the OS and some basic programs I install to make it easier in the future to recover.

Any suggestions?