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Just curious i work on a ship, could the Bubbles follow the movement of the rocking of the ship with the built in accelloromiter of the tablet that would be wild
In your case I would go with spapakons suggestion and try using the Watch 4 Idle app since it appears that you can adjust the settings somewhat. I've never used it so I would have to install it to test its capabilities. With my suggestion, because the Microsoft Bubbles screensaver has no settings such as the ability to use the escape button to turn it off for example, verses using the mouse, you're basically stuck using the mouse and if the mouse moves; as in your case with a rocking ship you'd have to click on the icon again. Since you're using a laptop though, you could just disable the mouse if you're using one since you have the pad on a laptop. In that instance, it would take touching the pad to turn it off. Good luck. I have a feeling that Microsoft has had a lot of feedback with regards to the transparent screensavers so maybe they'll come up with a fix for it, who knows?