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OK so works in some cases. I can change the DVD, hard drive, removable disk icons. The Network Locations shows a Media Player splash for some dumb reason. That isn't in imageres or shell32 or pnidui (which only has a bunch of system tray icons that are already in imageres). The network folder icon is justa blue box, not in imageres as far as I can tell. I have a mounted CD image that shows as the default drive with a big yellow CD sticking out of it. Not in imageres. BTW it refuses to open shell32.
Imageres.dll contains all icons, but not those for network, battery and speaker in notification area. For changing these you must open and modify the relevant DLL file. In case you mixed up the icons, you can repeat the process as follows:

Open Windows 7 or 8.1 version of imageres.dll. Select all icons by clicking the first, holding SHIFT and clicking the last. Click on the down triangle button at bottom right to reveal more actions. Click on Extract selected resources. Browse to a folder to extract all the icons. Close Customizer God and reopen it. Open Windows 10 version of imageres.dll Click the first icon, hold SHIFT and click the last to select all. Click on Change button and browse to the folder with the icons. Every icon will be replaced with the corresponding file having the same number. If there is no such file for an icon, this remains unchanged, but usually there is 1:1 match. Close program, logoff and login to see changes.